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Share dashboard to additional users without republishing

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

I would like to be able to add more users or user groups to a dashboard without republishing it.  I would like to save republish for when actual changes are made to the widgets in the dashboard.

My understanding of the current model means that every time I share a dashboard with another user (or group) I have to republish the dashboard.

Republishing the dashboard resets any filters the users have modified on the dashboard.  If they have subscribed to automated emails they are now reset to the default parameters.

Currently users have to duplicate dashboards to protecte themselves from this sort of chaos caused by republishing.

A related enhancement would be retaining the users "Default" search paramaters if they have retained them and reapplying them assuming the filter fields remain on the dashboard.

Alternatively enabling a suggestion to the user when they hit the email button on a dashboard they don't own (if they have modified filters).  "you have modified the filters on a shared dashboard, we recommend that you duplicate this dashboard and subscribe to that dashboard.  [Duplicate dashboard] [Subscribe to shared dashboard] [Cancel]".


Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

There are three types of the dashboard's instances in Sisense:

  • owner - this instance is developed by the dashboard's owner. Only the dashboard's owner has access to this instance.
  • proxy - this is the shared state of the dashboard. If a user has access to the dashboard but do not have an own instance of the dashboard (see the next point), then the user's instance will be created from the proxy instance.
  • user - this is the user's version of the dashboard. All the filters' changes will be saved in this instance.

When owner republishes a dashboard (using action in UI), then Sisense updates the proxy instance of the republished dashboard and removes all the users' instances. As a result, users lose their filters.

You can share your dashboard using REST API. This solution will require two steps:

  • Updating a dashboard with the new shares list using PATCH request at `/api/v1/dashboards/${dashboard_id}`
  • Republishing a dashboard with POST request at `/api/v1/dashboards/${dashboardId}/publish?force=false` (a query parameter [force] prevents removing the users' instances)

Sample of code and detail explanation can be found here.


10 - ETL
10 - ETL

Hi @DrewGillow ,

If you are interested in managing this particular use case from the UI, I would like to recommend you to check out the Paldi Solutions Sharing Utility plugin.
It is a user-friendly tool that enables you to select the publish behavior and integrate new viewers with the existing viewers for your dashboards.
This plugin can be of great help for those who want to streamline the management of their dashboards and ensure effective collaboration among team members.


 Feel free to reach out if you have further questions, we're always happy to help (: 
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