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Top and Bottom Performer by calculating percentage

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage


I need to create report for top and bottom performers for a parameter. It should be based on overall percentage and not by Ranking. How can I achieve the same using Sisense?

For example: In below table, top 30% performers are highlighted in Red and bottom 30% are in Green.  

Days in Date FullName  X (Hours)
2/28/22 AK 4.95
AL 5.27
AJ 6.71
BL 5.12
DS 5.01
IH 4.03
KL 4.74
PU 4.91
SN 4.37
SM 5.56
TS 5.45
UN 5.11

10 - ETL
10 - ETL

I could suggest the variant with percentile(). You could color your values according to the value of percentile 30 and 70. But, in some way, it depends from rank. Also you will get a bit different amount of colored values, because it calculates a value that between n and n+1 values. Where n is calculated by formula:


P - percentile (for example, 30%),
N - number of all values.
For your example n = [(30/100)*(12-1)+1]=[4.3]=4.
That means, that 4 values would be under percentile value. And for your data percentile 30% would be 4.922. The similar situation would be for percentile 70.

Hello Angelina,


Thanks a lot for quick response. I could create report using Rank/All/Percentage functions.

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