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Navigate to another dashboard using action button. While ensure Dashboard filters remain applied

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

I have a dashboard navigation question. How do I add click thru buttons on the Parent/main dashboard such that. Any help will be greatly appreciated? 

Step 1: User is on Main dashboard Action button 1, Action button 2, Action button 3 are visible. (see pic)
Step 2: User selects certain filters on the Main dashboard and data in widgets gets refreshed.
Step 3: From here the user wants to view tabular data behind the widgets in Step 1, lets say data is sitting in Pivot table format. In dashboard 2/3/4 (see pic)
Step4: How do I link the pivot table widgets / dashboards 2/3/4 / to the action button on the Main dashboard, such that the dashboard filters applied in Step 1 are maintained. (if the user drilled down from global > to country 'USA' in Step 1, Step 4 - pivot widget still shows 'USA only' records and not the global records. 



13 - Data Warehouse
13 - Data Warehouse

Great, thanks for your reply. I am 3/4th way onto finding my solution.

1. I've got the Jump to dashboard functionality working.
2. The target dashboard does open up in a separate pop up. here's my code - copied from the 1st link you have shared above...

"actions": [
"type": "JTD",
"title": "Jump To Dashboard",
"data": {
"dashboardId": "62bc650ab112300037c97139",
"args": {
"displayDashboardsPane": false,
"displayFilterPane": true

3. a) Now, How do I modify this to include "panel:" and "value:" ?
    b) How can the filter values from my primary dashboard be passed to the dashboard that I am jumping to?   
Sidebar: Echoing the users feedback from 3 years back. "It is extremely challenging to actually implement any of the BLOX functionality without examples."
Can you share what are the real world example of values to pass in the below ?

"panelsToInclude": [
        "panel": "Category",
        "value": "{value:Category}"

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

How do one install the plugin in E1? can any user install it or we need admin to approve & install it? Thanks for checking

13 - Data Warehouse
13 - Data Warehouse

Installing plugins in Sisense is pretty easy, but you need Admin privilege.

13 - Data Warehouse
13 - Data Warehouse

I think you don't need to do anything to pass filter from primary dashboard to 'jump to dashboard'. Whatever filter applied to that blox widget(including dashboard filters) will get propagated to 'jump to dashboard'.

Here is the list of all configurations available in Jump to Dashboard plugin:

drilledDashboardPrefix              : "_drill",             // The prefix of the drilled dashboards name.
    drilledDashboardsFolderPrefix       : "",                   // The prefix of the folder the dashboards inside which can be drilled to.
    displayFilterPane                   : true,                 // Display filter pane in the drilled dashboard window.
    displayDashboardsPane               : true,                 // Display dashboards pane in the drilled dashboard window.
    displayToolbarRow                   : true,                 // Display toolbar in the drilled dashboard window.
    displayHeaderRow                    : true,                 // Display header in the drilled dashboard window.
    volatile                            : false,                // Volatile for the drilled dashboard window.
    hideDrilledDashboards               : true,                 // Hide drilled dashboards from the dashboards navigator for non owner users.
    hideSharedDashboardsForNonOwner     : true,                 // Adds a context menu item that allows to hide shared dashboard from the dashboards navigator for non owner users.
    drillToDashboardMenuCaption         : "Jump to dashboard",  // The caption for the drill to dashboard menu
    drillToDashboardRightMenuCaption    : "Jump to ",           // The caption for the drill to dashboard menu
    drillToDashboardNavigateType        : 1,                    // Default navigation type for widgets
    drillToDashboardNavigateTypePivot   : 2,                    // Navigation type for pivot widget
    drillToDashboardNavigateTypeCharts  : 1,                    // Navigation type for chart widgets
    drillToDashboardNavigateTypeOthers  : 3,                    // Navigation type for other widgets (indicator, richtexteditor, imageWidget)
    excludeFilterDims                   : [],                   // Dimensions to exclude from the drilled dashboard filter
    includeFilterDims                   : [],                   // Dimensions to include in the drilled dashboard filter
    drilledDashboardDisplayType         : 2,                    // How to display the drilled dashboard
    dashboardId                         : null,                 // Drilled dashboard id
    dashboardIds                        : [],                   // Dashboard IDs allowed to be drilled to
    dashboardCaption                    : null,                 // Drilled dashboard id
    modalWindowWidth                    : null,                 // Modal window width, In case the selected display type is modal window.
    modalWindowHeight                   : null,                 // Modal window height, In case the selected display type is modal window.
    modalWindowResize                   : false,                // Enable resize for modal window, In case the selected display type is modal window.
    showFolderNameOnMenuSelection       : false,                // In case true, the folder name will be shown before the dashboard title inside the dashboards list menu
    resetDashFiltersAfterJTD            : false,                // Should reset filters of a dashboard that was opened from Jump to Dashboard
    sameCubeRestriction                 : true,                 // Use same ecube for the drilled dashboards
    showJTDIcon                         : true,                 // Rather to show an icon for widgets that has JTD in the widget title
    sendPieChartMeasureFiltersOnClick   : true,                 // Apply measure filters on pie chart if the drill type is set to click
    forceZeroInsteadNull                : false,                // In Pivot show Zero-values instead of null
    mergeTargetDashboardFilters         : false,                // Merge existing filters on target dashboard with incoming filters from source
    drillToDashboardByName              : false                 // Navigation to target dashboard by it's 'name' instead of 'oid'


9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Hi @harikm007 

In our dashboard we need to include and exclude certain filters on JTD.

Can you please give us an example on how to use ExcludeFilterDims and includeFilterDims the BLOX JTD script. Including those in the in the Actions seems to be not working. I am using JTD in Blox pivot, if that helps.