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N/A appearing in dashboard filters

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Hi All,

I see a strange behaviour in the dashboard filter.

As we all know that when we click on any category in a widget that category gets added in the dashbard filters and we can add or remove multiple number of categories from the list populated which is the same number of categories present in the widget. 

now the data in the column has NA values so i have unchecked it and set all the remaining values as the background filter and saved it, but when i click on the category in any widget from the dashboard level we can see the category is added to the dashboard filters with the N/A value in the list which is not supposed to appear. Attaching some screen shots.

Do let me know with your thoughts


13 - Data Warehouse
13 - Data Warehouse

@saiadithya , Looks like you added background filter for widget filter only. Try adding background filter for dashboard filter.

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps


I am wondering why is the popup showing NA in the dashboard filters when we are not seeing it in the widget filters,  well if i set it as the background filter in the dashboard then i won’t be able to view the data with all the values and toggle on enable button to compare with other widgets which is not expected

Thanks for the effort.

When creating a widget filter for a field that is already filtered in a dashboard filter, the widget filter will override the dashboard filter.

This also works in this case. When setting a background filter at a widget level, it affects only this widget.
As a result, we define which subset of data values is displayed in a widget.
And here we have a filter with N/A for the dashboard, while widget without it. And for the widget, it just overrides the dashboard filter. In some way, we 'cut' values in popup in widget filter for a designer, because a viewer doesn't see this filter. When making a selection on a widget, a simple filter is added to the dashboard with the selected part of the chart as the applied filter. But it will contain all values for the origin set in the popup.