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How to pass Sisense user id to the SQL Queries in Live Model

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Hi -

We have a requirement to access Sisense User Id in the Live model SQL Queries. Do we have any way we can access the Sisense User Id/ Group via some variables?


7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Try prism.user for information related to the user (id, group, etc.). The id is also available when the widget is ready (widget.userId). 

widget.on('ready', function(widget){
var userInfo1 = prism.user; // feel free to add the name of the attribute you are looking for once you identify it
var userInfo2 = widget.userId;


Thanks for your response. It appears to be a Widget script, but I want to access these variables in the Model (SQL Query) any thoughts on this?