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How to localize dashboards and cube definitions

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

I see how the core Sisense application can handle different languages or handle localization for number and date formats.

How do i provide language localization of the schema (table and field labels)?

How do I provide language localization of the widget names, dashboard names, information/description, text boxes, starred search criteria, etc?

For example

English = Invoice

French = Facture

Spanish = Factura

so a Dashboard about invoices would have facts and dimensions that need translation and the dashboard title would be different, the 


12 - Data Integration
12 - Data Integration

Hey @DrewGillow 

I dont know if it checks all the boxes, however Sisense offers a Metadata-plugin which translates all kinds of parameters based on the user group or the user language-setting

  • ElastiCube fields
  • ElastiCube tables
  • Widget Titles
  • Dashboard Names
  • Folder Names
  • Saved formulas
  • Default and custom hierarchies
  • Customized renamed field titles

Is this what are you looking for?


9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

What about alterning the emails that are sent based on language?

Does the above handle the static Text boxes? or the Widget description/information fields?

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