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How do I connect MySQL to Sisense?

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

This is my first time using Sisense, I was asked as part of the interview process to get myself familiar with Sisense platform so I signed up for a free trial to use Sisense. I'm wondering if I can connect MySQL to Sisense on MacOS? Because I saw that Sisense uses JBDC driver for MySQL connection but this driver is not available for download on MacOS but someone suggested me to download the platform independent version and put the downloaded folder in a directory to create a connection string, but I still could not connect MySQL to Sisense.


12 - Data Integration
12 - Data Integration

Hi @AnnaQuocNguyen ,

Sisense offers a built-in mysql connector. You do not have to install anything for it. Just create a new elasticube , press + Data en select MySQL as connector. Do check if its enabled if you do not see this option:

To configure connectors via the Configuration Manager:

  1. Access the Configuration Manager through the System Management section of the Admin page.

  2. Click Configuration.

  3. Click Manage Connectors.

  4. Enable or disable connectors by toggling the switch to Enabled or Disabled.

  5. Click Save.

If for some reason it doesn't work, you can download/install the driver from CData. More on this can be found here:


Thank you for your response. I followed all the steps and I still could not connect MySQL as you can see from the first screenshot I provided, even though when I test the connection it says connection successful as you can see from the second screenshot. Is there anything that I may be missing out on? 

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 3.57.06 AM.png

12 - Data Integration
12 - Data Integration

Is there a specific reason for using the JDBC-connector instead of the default connector from Sisense?

What version of sisense are you using? windows or linux? the JDBC-connector-folder should be installed on the server. 

For Linux it would be something like : /opt/sisense/storage/connectors/jdbcdrivers/MySQL/

For Windows it would be something like: C:\Program Files\CData\CData JDBC Driver for PostgreSQL 2021\lib\

The error just indicates that it cannot find that folder on the sisense server. So you would need to adjust the path so it can find it. 

I'm using macOS which is a Unix operating system developed by Apple and I saw that there is not a version for Sisense MacOS so I guess it is not possible for me to connect MySQL to Sisense? If that is the case, then I guess I will wait until onboarding at the company so that I can use the company's computer to use Sisense then, which I think is more likely to be Windows or Linux.