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Visual datamodel for end-users and data dictionary

12 - Data Integration
12 - Data Integration


As an OEM we give our customers the possibility to use designer-accounts to create their own reports. The difficulty we have been struggling with is how to simply explain our complex datamodel. We have been working on a solution that we want to share with everyone that faces this challenge. 

We have written a script in Python that;

  • Connects to your Sisense instance
  • Downloads and saves every elasticube as a JSON
  • Converts the JSON to two seperate CSV-files; 
    • Connections: Displays the source (e.g. MySQL), the table and the table import query
    • Datamodel: Displays the elasticube, table/column names, tags , descriptions and datatypes. It also display custom table queries and custom field queries. Additionally it also shows the related fields between tables
  • Based on the datamodel csv it will create both an image and a HTML-file of the datamodel.
  • Optionally it will upload all files to your Sisense instance

With the .dash and .smodel file you can hit the ground running. The .smodel file automatically links to the image and html file that is uploaded to the sisense instance. It creates an html-link so that from the pivot in the dashboard it will open a new tab with the image/html

Attached with this post you will find a ZIP-file containing the .dash, .smodel and the python-file. With the settings-file you can indicate if you want an image or html file to be created and can also indicate if you want it to automatically upload to Sisense.

If you have any feedback let me know and I will try to update the code. It's free and open to use and change if you want to. 

Images of the dashboard:

In this dashboard we use Paldi's (@Ravid_PaldiTeam @Benji_PaldiTeam ) Advanced Filters plugin so that users can easily filter from a widget and save their preferences. And also their advanced indicator card  is used to combine indicators and a column chart. If you do not use their plugins, you can delete the widgets and replace them with something of your own liking (I can recommend using these great plugins 🙂 )