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Get ElastiCubes Metadata: list of Elasticubes, tables and columns Data Model

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9 - Travel Pro


We often need to have the metadata report about all Elasticubes and their contents. To cover this gap, we have developed an ElastiCube that is based on the REST API v2.0, which creates a data model for this purpose:


There is a custom code algorithm that is based on calls to Datamodel REST API and gets all the metadata about the data models you have in your environment. The column data types info is based on the official documentation (it contains a table available for L2021.9 and higher). This is a CSV file (semicolon separated) that should be located in the Sisense server under /data/metadata folder (/opt/sisense/storage/data/metadata) .


In this post, you can get the Python code, where you only have to change the hostname of your instance and the bearer token for an Admin user to be able to execute the REST API calls. When you have all of this deployed, you can build your reports about the contents of your data deployment. 

I hope it helps. Contact me or our company ( if you need anything related. We are #SisenseInSpanish #SomosSisenseEnEspañol