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Dropdown Menu Blox Display Issue

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage


 I have set up a dropdown in Blox that shows all states of the US. I can select a state and apply the filter across my dashboard and it works properly, but after I click apply, the VIEW of the dropdown menu always defaults back to showing the very first option instead of showing the option I selected. Any ideas how to resolve and show my selection instead? Thank you!


9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Hey @JoshG  

In order to show what is selected you need to add two things in blox editor: 

1. some class name to dropdown, 'tester' for example, 
2. add script which will find filter and set it on dropdown

"script": "var found = prism.activeDashboard.filters.$$items.find(element => element.jaql.title == 'YOUR FILTER TITLE'); var filterMember = found.jaql.filter.members[0];$('.tester').val(`${filterMember}`)",

Please note, that it has to be in one line.

If you're looking for something more advanced, please take a look at  QBeeQ Advanced Filter plugin which is by far the best filtering solution available for Sisense. This plugin allows you to create advanced customized filters on the dashboard area itself, with many functional and design options.

Always here to help,
Alek from QBeeQ

QBeeQ - Gold Implementation and Development Partner