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8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

I have a dashboard with six KPIs across the top. I am using an existing dashboard as a temple. The existing dashboard uses BLOX for the widgets. 

I created the first of the six KPIs by pulling in the unique members in the data. By default, Sisense "names" that value "Total Member Count". I duplicate that widget and add in filters. The value name for the new widget remains "Total Member Count". In the edit mode for the second widget, I click the three dots to rename the value to include clues about the filter that I added, i.e. "Total Member Count Increasing". When I rename the value, it no longer shows a numerical value and instead shows "{Panel: Total Member Count}". Above that shows "Total Member Count". 

Additionally, when I create a new widget in BLOX and add the same unique member column, it automatically shows "{Panel: Total Member Count}" as the value. 

If I change it to 'Indicator' instead of BLOX, I will see a value instead of "{Panel: Total Member Count}", but we are embedding the final dashboard into a website and need the customization of BLOX. 


11 - Data Pipeline
11 - Data Pipeline

Blox uses the name of a panel value to determine what values to show in the widget. Somewhere in your widget definition,  there will be a line with "{Panel:Total Member Count}". If you change that to ""{Panel:Total Member Count Increasing}" or whatever you name your value in the next widget, it will show the value.

Good Luck!