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Working with datetime objects

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8 - Cloud Apps


I was wondering if there were good resources for working with datetime objects in the same field as opposed to separating them out into two fields date and time. Like for example, if I have a datetime field and I want to set it as a filter for all results that took place before x datetime (Rather than before x date and y time) how would I go about doing that? Also how do I get Sisense to display datetime objects in a single field rather than trying to split them out without using something like Javascript. 

Here are a couple things we would like to be able to do with datetime objects that I have not found an easy way to do. 

  1. Filter on all objects that took place before a specific datetime rather than before a specific date and before a specific time
  2. Display datetime in a table/pivot without having to convert to unix timestamp or a string then use javascript
  3. Do timezone conversions or even set up a filter for converting from UTC to whatever the desired timezone is.

I saw the solution to convert the datetime object into unix time then use javascript to convert it in the dashboard, but that doesn't work as some of our table results are very large and the users are exporting them. I also don't really like the solution of converting it to a string because then we lose the ability to treat it as a date for filters, sorting, and such. I would really like to treat it as a datetime object if that is possible, so any resources around the ability to do that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help!

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