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Compose SDK FAQ

Community Team Leader
Community Team Leader

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Compose SDK FAQ


Q: What is Compose SDK?

A: Compose SDK is a flexible developer toolkit that gives developers access to embedded analytics in a code-first, scalable, modular, developer-friendly way.  With Compose SDK, developers can build analytics and data-driven experiences in their products faster, reduce maintenance burden, and save the development time of coding from scratch. We are launching our Beta version on Aug.1 on GitHub.


Q: Where can I download the new Compose SDK at Beta?

A: On Aug.1, you can access the npm package and the readme in our Sisense Github repo here:



Q: As a Compose SDK open beta user, how do I get support if I have questions or need help? 

A:  It is intended to be more of a hands-off model.  We will be providing additional channels like Sisense Community, where you can get support from other Beta customers.  However, until we post complete documentation on github, we will route through our regular support process with our engineers if customers need additional support.  


Q: What are the minimum system requirements that I need in order to use Compose SDK?

A: Compose SDK contains a set of React components needed to interface with your Sisense instance. The following prerequisites are needed in order to use the SDK:

Familiarity with front-end web development, including Node.js, JavaScript/TypeScript, and React.

Node.js version 16 or higher.

A Node package manager such as npm or Yarn.

Access to a Sisense instance with a queryable data source (for example, Sample ECommerce).

A React application with TypeScript. You can use your existing application, or if you do not have one, you can follow the Vite tutorial to create one.


Q:  Is there a list of known limitations we should be aware of in Compose SDK (ex. Does it support working with Sisense BloX, add-ons and plugins)?  

A: Blox and plugins enable you to customize widgets on a Sisense dashboard. These allow iframe or EmbedSDK dashboards that are rendered by Sisense to be highly customized. With Compose SDK, you are using Sisense libraries in your own project. Since it is your project and code, you can easily create your own custom charts that are driven from Compose SDK queries. In addition, Compose SDK components work alongside your application’s unique functionality.


Q: What if I’m already using EmbedSDK or SisenseJS? Can I still use Compose SDK?

A: When you want to embed a Sisense dashboard into your application, you may still choose EmbedSDK as a great option. Compose SDK can be used to complement EmbedSDK or you may choose to create a whole dashboard entirely in code with Compose SDK. It is your choice. Compose SDK will eventually provide equivalent and improved capabilities over SisenseJS so we don’t envision you using SisenseJS if Compose SDK meets your needs.


Q: Will Compose SDK cause SisenseJS to be deprecated?

A: No. SisenseJS will not be deprecated with the introduction of Compose SDK. 


Q: Can Compose SDK be used to customize Sisense or build plugins?

A: No. Compose SDK is an entirely stand-alone set of libraries and components used to build applications (external to Sisense) which utilize Sisense capabilities. The SDK is not intended and cannot be used for customizing the Sisense UI itself or any other part of the Sisense application.


Q: I’m not a developer, can I use or benefit from Compose SDK?

A: No. Compose SDK is a code-first approach to embedding. Users must be able to run, read, write, and deploy code in order to use Compose SDK. 


Q: What user role do I need to be in order to consume Compose SDK output? 

A: Since Compose SDK queries and renders charts, but does not modify assets in Sisense, the user role can even be a Viewer. Compose SDK supports various authentication methods such as SSO, Web Access Token, and API token. With SSO and API token, the end user is an identifiable user in Sisense and will be able to access the same content that they would be able to consume within the Sisense application. With Web Access Token, there are many options to restrict what Compose SDK can consume.