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In the left-hand sidebar where the list of Dashboards is shown, it would be nice if there was a visual indicator of whether a Dashboard that you own is being shared with anyone else. Currently, the only way to determine this is to click the kebab icon (⋮) next to the dashboard name and see if it says "Republish" (indicating the dashboard is currently being shared) or "Share" (indicating the dashboard is not currently being shared with anyone). However, if you are the owner of MANY dashboards, some of which are shared and some of which are not, then it can be very tedious to check this one-by-one.

If you hover over a dashboard in the list, a pop-up will display with additional information, one of which is a "Last Published" date/time. However, this doesn't really help. First, it only appears on mouseover, so it doesn't solve the problem of this information being tedious to check/verify (since you still have to check each dashboard one-by-one). Second, the "Last Published" displays if the dashboard has EVER been shared, even if it's not currently being shared with anybody. For example, if I shared a dashboard with Bob, but then later removed him from the share list, then the dashboard is only visible to me and no one else, but the pop-up will still show the last time I published it to Bob (even though he can't see it anymore).

There's also a visual indicator, to the left of the dashboards, in the form of an icon that changes depending on the status of the dashboard in question. Unfortunately, this icon only shows the ownership status of the dashboard, not it's share status. That is: it helps you identify at-a-glance (A) which dashboards in a list are ones you own, vs (B) dashboards that someone else owns and has shared with you. However, for the dashboards that fall into (A), there's no indicator as to whether you've shared it or if they are only visible to you.  Perhaps a different icon could be used to indicate each state.

Another nice-to-have: for dashboards that fall into (B), i.e. dashboards that someone else owns and has shared with you, perhaps there could be different icons depending on the way it was shared with you. That is: whether the person shared it with you specifically vs shared it with a group that you're part of. Essentially, the icon should indicate all the possible states that a dashboard can be in:

Dashboards you own that are not shared with anybody (i.e. only you can see it)

Dashboards you own that have been shared with others

Dashboards you do NOT own that have been shared with you

Dashboards shared with you specifically

Dashboards shared with a group you're in

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Hello @mitratechonprem,

Thank you for submitting your idea!

I have submitted this Idea to the product team and I will post updates here as they are available.

One of the ways we prioritize development efforts is by community interest. Please encourage other users to vote and comment on your suggestion, the more engagement a request receives, the higher the likelihood of it being considered for implementation.

Thank you for being a valuable part of our community!