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Status: New Idea

When building dashboards, a common frustration is the lack of ability to multi-select widgets and perform mass actions, such as moving a group of widgets all-together at the same time, or deleting multiple widgets at once.

Currently, to do either of those actions, you must do it one-at-a-time on each widget individually. This is tedious and time-consuming if you have many widgets you need to move or delete.

It would be nice if there was some way to select multiple widgets at once and perform some kind of mass action on them, like click-and-drag to reposition, or to select "delete" and delete all selected widgets at once.

I'm not sure what the best way to do this would be. Perhaps a toggle at the top of the dashboard that allows you to click a checkbox next to each widget. Similar functionality already exists for the main dashboard list, on the left-hand sidebar...a toggle at the top will cause checkboxes to display next to each dashboard (or dashboard folder). Checking any of the boxes will cause additional options to display at the bottom of the sidebar, allowing you to export or delete the selected dashboards.

Alternatively, if there were a way to "group" widgets into a container of some sort, then you could perform an action on that container which would apply to all widgets within it. For example, if you had a container, and then three widgets inside, you could select the container and move it, which would move the widgets as well, or you could select "delete" which would delete the container and everything inside it.