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Status: New Idea

Bar charts show the bars sorted in order by their label.  Sometimes you want the bars to be in ascending/descending order by their sizes (i.e. the value being measured), so that the most significant items are on one side or the other.  

While we're at it, the option in the bar chart design to Limit the number of bars being shown to just the "Top X", would help where you have situations where again you want to focus on the most significant items (smallest or largest) without outliers throwing it off.


Hello @dougnewton,

You should be able to sort your numeric Values by Ascending or Descending order by clicking on the Sorting option.


You can also rank the results of your categories by clicking on the Filter option highlighted below.


Does that provide the solutions that you are looking for?

Yes it does, thank you for your help.  I had seen this option before but then couldn't find it again.  I think because the icon looks like the text-justification icon in MS Office.  (left/right/centered).  


I'm glad I could help! You're right, it does look like the justification icon. It also appears to be missing the mouseover tooltip. I'll see about getting that added.