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Whenever an user with owner access is deleted, all the dasboard created by him are getting deleted. Also, those dashboards shared with others are also deleted. This looks like a critical issue, since the dashboard will be shared among other users, they won't be able to see any dashboard if the user gets deleted.

Atleast the dashboard shared with other users should be retained.


Thank You,

Status changed to: Needs Info

Hello @devipras.

Thank you for providing your feedback.

I would like to get an idea what your preferred way to handle this is. Dashboards are linked to the user who created them for many reasons, and there is a message stating that the users' Dashboards will be deleted when the user is. What kind of flow would you like to see implemented?

Not OP, but I like this idea. Having the option to re-assign dashboards to another admin user could be one way of handling this?

I agree with OP, I would suggest ownership defaults to the Sys. Admin


Maybe, when a user is selected for deletion, raise a prompt with a list of their dashboards and the option to either delete or reassign.

Status changed to: Needs Votes & Comments

Thank you everyone for your thoughts. We will bring this up to the product team and post updates here. Please continue to offer input, it does help us.