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Status: New Idea

Hello everyone!

Here are our two main considerations, why we think this feature could be beneficial:

  1. Different users have different preferences when it comes to viewing data. While we have many users that prefer the light theme, we have just as many that would prefer the dark one. We could get around that by making groups, but then every client and internals would have to be further categorised into a light/dark group which is not ideal.

  2. A light/dark mode toggle could enhance accessibility, making our dashboards more inclusive for users with specific visual needs or sensitivities.

While we understand that Sisense's dashboard themes and colors are defined during the design phase, we believe that providing this level of customization to viewers could significantly enhance user experience.


Hello @jangob,

Thank you for submitting your idea!

This enhancement is currently in the pipeline, although there is not an ETA. Hopefully we will see it added to product soon!

Hi @jangob,

I don't know if this will work for you, but there is a little bit of a workaround. 

A Look and Feel theme can be assigned to the SSO-created users by passing a theme ID in the claim “themeId”. In such cases the user will experience Sisense with their assigned theme, regardless of any group or default theme settings.