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Hello Everyone!

There are a lot of Ideas around improving the ability to format the text in Widgets. We appreciate all the feedback! In order to make it easer for people to find and contribute to the discussion, I am combining them into this thread.

Everyone, what are the customizations that you would like to see in the GUI rather than using a script?

One of the ways we prioritize development efforts is by community interest. I encourage everyone to vote and comment on this suggestion and its comments. The more engagement a request receives, the higher the likelihood of it being considered for implementation.

Thank you for participating, and we are excited to work with you to make a better Sisense!

Have a great day!


There needs to be an easier way to customize the fonts and formatting of text inside Sisense. It is very time consuming to have to pull up developer tools to find the generated name so you can then write a custom script to edit the look of the widget. Almost all reporting tools have this out of the box.

Hello everyone!

Here are our two main considerations, why we think this feature could be beneficial:

  1. Different users have different preferences when it comes to viewing data. While we have many users that prefer the light theme, we have just as many that would prefer the dark one. We could get around that by making groups, but then every client and internals would have to be further categorised into a light/dark group which is not ideal.

  2. A light/dark mode toggle could enhance accessibility, making our dashboards more inclusive for users with specific visual needs or sensitivities.

While we understand that Sisense's dashboard themes and colors are defined during the design phase, we believe that providing this level of customization to viewers could significantly enhance user experience.

Hello @jangob,

Thank you for submitting your idea!

This enhancement is currently in the pipeline, although there is not an ETA. Hopefully we will see it added to product soon!

Hi @jangob,

I don't know if this will work for you, but there is a little bit of a workaround. 

A Look and Feel theme can be assigned to the SSO-created users by passing a theme ID in the claim “themeId”. In such cases the user will experience Sisense with their assigned theme, regardless of any group or default theme settings.

When formatting a value on a chart to, for example, a percentage with 2 decimal places, the axis relating to the value will also show as 2 decimal places.  Having an axis with 10.00%, 20.00% etc does not look good.  There are scripts that can potentially overcome this, however they are as all such scripts unsupported and prone to break on upgrade.  This should be part of core functionality where the Designer is able to set a number format that precludes this from displaying.


I have created a simple pivot widget with 2 columns. I have used "Highlight" option in Dashboard Filters. I have enabled "Widgets affects dashboard filters". I have used my own theme and color palette. Whenever I hover over a row in Pivot widget, I see yellow color background in row.

I would like to modify the row hover background color to another color. I have created this ticket Support Portal - Sisense Community, and they replied us to use custom scripts. The script is not working and we don't need any custom scripts. We would like to have Sisense default functionality to modify row hover color for all widgets and dashboards.

Can hover color can be added as default functionality in "Look and feel" section?


I have the same yellow hover color for data field selection when adding new widget.


I have created a dashboard and widget.

I would like to have the widget header text in Bold. I don't have any option in Admin --> App Configuration --> Look and Feel to make widget header text to Bold. I have only options to change widget header text colour or background colour. I am able to make widget header text in bold by manually modifying the associated css class in developer tools.

Can you add Sisense standard functionality in Look and Feel section to make widget header text in Bold?.

Thank you


Agreed - I think the current text can get lost in a sea of widgets...

Formatting left align, right align, center in tables. 

Numbers should default to right aligned.

Text should default to left aligned.

Default numbers to show same number of decimal places instead of variable. Makes it hard to scan a list in the table of pivot table widget

Setting default formats in the data model (e.g. currency fields by default may want to show 2 decimal places or may want to default to no decimal places,  may want the item price or exchange rate field to default to 4 decimals).