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Status: New Idea

Currently, ReportManager is only availbale on the system tenant, not on additionnal tenants.

Could we have it for every tenants ?


Thank you,



Hi @fschleich,

Thank you for your question. Report Manager should be available for your tenants. If it's not, please open a case with our support team and they can help determine why.

Hi @DRay 

Thank you for your answer. I am surprised though, as I have been told by our CSM that this was a known limitation of mutli tenancy and suggested me to send a post on the feedbackup forum.

Can you please confirm ?


Hi @fschleich,

My understanding is that if it’s enabled on the System Tenant it’s enabled for all tenants.

I am getting clarification from the product team and will get back to you as soon as I have a solid answer.

Hi @fschleich 

Apparently you are correct! I apologize for the mistake. 

Multi-tenancy support for Report Manager is in being worked on and will be released in a future Sisense version.