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Status: New Idea

Currently there’s no way on the Sisense UI to have an overview of when the next ElastiCube Builds are set for.

Having such info available would make it possible to easily select relevant time slots to run load testing scripts for instance, but also more broadly to help understand and finetune the current Builds orchestration.

In order to do so, we would like for admin roles to have access to a single table-like page that would list all the Builds scheduled in the next 24 hours with the following columns:

  • ElastiCube name
  • Build start date
  • Build theoretical end date*
  • Last successful Build duration

* Build theoretical end date = Build start date + Last successful Build duration

* (or NULL in the rare event where the Build has never succeeded before)

Additional features:

  • CSV Export
  • Sort option on column headers
  • Pagination

Note: a single Elasticube can have more than one entry (in the example below, we assume the admin user opens the page at 3:00 PM and the ElastiCube_B's Build is launched every 2 hours).

Global ElastiCube Builds Schedule Report.png