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Status: New Idea

When utilising the Fiscal Year functionality, it is frustrating that there is no option to display the calendar year as a formatting option.

We are based in Australia and our Fiscal Year starts in July, so our 2023/2024 Fiscal Year (called 2024) runs from July 2023 to June 2024.

If I create a simple pivot with our Date, Year (Calendar Year formula) and Fiscal Year (formula in format YYYY/YYYY), then you can see that the date is actually distorted.  There is no way to display that this date actually falls in 2023, which is the case for the first two records in the below pivot.


Applying a filter with a date range handles this correctly, but it is confusing for our Finance department as to what date this is referring to.


I've connected with Sisense support and they've provided a solution for a Date Display Field (thanks @AssafHanina) which does solve the issue, but then we need to have complicated rules for dashboard designers to use X field on their Dashboards but Y fields on filters, etc.

I feel like an additional date format of "cy" for Calendar Year would solve this issue from the display side and make things much simpler.  Some logic already exists for "yp" for the previous year, this would be very useful for our designers to have this additional option and to keep the date as one field rather than needing a second.

Has anyone else encountered this issue or would find this useful?


Hey @AssafHanina - did anything come of this internally?  Does anyone monitor this?

Hello @Gannon,

I apologize for the delay in responding here. I will bring this up to our product team and update you/