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Status: New Idea

Sisense ElastiCubes are the biggest consumer of our snowflake credits because we have to build our cubes every 30 mins to keep data fresh in Sisense. It would be useful to have time of the day level control on scheduling the build. Like Build daily at an interval only between the hours of x and y or other cron based scheduling. cron scheduling would be great since it allows us to set build windows, not build as frequently on weekends, etc.

This would immensely help with cost saving. How quickly is it possible to have such a feature?


We scripted more refined scheduling of our cubes ourselves, using the /builds endpoint of the v2.0 REST API. We made it into a Python script that runs on our Sisense server, but that isn't actually necessary; it could run anywhere as long as it can connect to the Sisense instance.

Similar to previous comment : We use a Schedule (RunDeck) to have abetter control on building time.s The scheduler runs a curl command and call the /build REST API.