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Status: New Idea

There are three features for BigQuery connections that would make your Edit Chart interface great.

  • Show descriptions on the tables and fields: BigQuery supports adding a description to the fields and tables themselves. This information is often useful, and I find myself going to check the documentation on BigQuery consola in Google Cloud itself. We make use of this feature. Other databases also allow defining comments on tables and/or fields. It would be great to show them on the intervace via a tooltip when you put your mice over the field (right now is showing the type only)
  • Display amount of data to be processed: one of the characteristics of BigQuery is that you pay by the amount of bytes you process. Building queries that are "efficient" is tricky task. Having a visual clue on the cost of the query allows me to understand better, before adding something in a dashboard or even running the query, how much data is going to consume. Also, if you tie that to the fact that I usually want to run the query using filters, and that there is no way for me to change filters in the editor, it makes my life miserable, because I need to copy the query, go to Google console, replace the generic filters [name=value] by real SQL filters, make a sense of the cost in SQL, etc... miserable experience.
  • Show partitioned tables differently: For example, on Google Cloud BigQuery editor, partitioned tables are shown with a different icon than normal tables. Knowing if a table is partitioned, and knowing also which fields are the ones partitioned, would help to build efficient queries without leaving Sisense. Right now I find myself jumping in and out sisense. This takes time, and you are already showing all fields and tables in there, it would be great to just use a different icon for partitioned tables. That would be already helpful.

Displaying the amount of data processed, to keep costs slim, would likely be the top thing (and Google does have API / command line in order to get the amount of bytes to be processed by a query).