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We would like to be able to use the Max() and Min() function on date so we can easily get the earliest or most recent date.


This seems like a pretty standard feature and would be a really nice addition.


Thanks for sharing your feedback and submitting this idea. This is vital for us.

We have this request in the backlog, but unfortunately, it is not prioritized for the short-term plans.  I will keep you updated on the progress.


In both a row/pivot column, as well as a measure.

@Oleksandr_K Is there a work around you recommend until this feature becomes available?

One work around I am using is getting the minimum amount of days between now and the date I want to get the maximum of. Happy to hear of any others or if this formula could be turned back into a date somehow. The AddDays() function from the query build doesn't seem to be available in the widget functions.

MIN(DDiff(NOW(), [Days in date_field]))

Hello everyone,

I have asked for an update on if/when this will be implemented. I will follow up as soon as I have an update.

Status changed to: Needs Votes & Comments

Hello @yklam28,.

Thank you for submitting your idea!

I have submitted this Idea to the product team and I will post updates here as they are available.

One of the ways we prioritize development efforts is by community interest. Please encourage other users to vote and comment on your suggestion, the more engagement a request receives, the higher the likelihood of it being considered for implementation.

Thank you for being a valuable part of our community!

This has been discussed extensively by the product team, and there are no plans to include this in the roadmap at this time.

However, I am going to leave this post open to gather more votes and comments. Maybe we will see it included in a future release!