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In the interest of password security it would be beneficial to have a way through the API or settings menu to force user(s) to reset their passwords. This is useful when updating password policy as the system as of now does not force users to change their existing passwords to be compliant with the updated policy. This could also be used to enforce password cycling by forcing users to reset their passwords on a desired cadence. 



Status changed to: New Idea

Hello @alex-hepp,

I agree it would be nice to have that option in the UI. If you need something right now, you can use API to reset a users password and prompt them to create a new one.

Hello @alex-hepp,

Did the documentation I linked above help?

Hi @DRay 

your link would be exactly what I need, except I don't have any experience with API. Any chance you could do a step-by-step instructions? I think I can get the X-content-ID by copying from user identifier but obtaining API via GET/authentication/tokens/api requires API token itself.

Hi @alex-hepp,

I'm not able to provide step-by-step instructions, I recommend reaching out to your account team and they will work with you to find a resource that can help you.

If you want to learn how to use the API yourself, you can find how to get your API token in this document.