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Why I’m Excited about the Fusion Winter 2024 Release

Sisense’s first major release of 2024 has arrived and there is a lot to unpack. I want to discuss some of my favorite things from this release and why they’re important for our customers. Whether you’re a developer, a dashboard designer, or a data modeler, there is something for you in this release.

Compose SDK provides you with unrivaled app integration

Sisense recognizes that developers are at the core of delivering any data product. With Compose SDK you can deliver analytics from the ground up with our robust libraries for charting, querying, and data exploration. Combine this with your own UI libraries and existing codebase to create a seamless analytics experience for your end users. Learn more via 

Dashboard collaboration has arrived!

One of the most requested features we’ve received from customers has been the ability to collaborate on dashboard design. In our Winter 2024 release, we’ve introduced dashboard co-authoring which will allow organizations to have multiple designers assigned to a single dashboard. This feature is currently in beta, but available for all customers to start using today. We encourage you to share your feedback on how we can improve the collaboration experience within Fusion. This is a feature that Sisense will be investing in throughout 2024 so your feedback is critical to us.

Perspectives get even more flexible

Last year, we introduced perspectives to Fusion to allow customers to tailor a data model to the specific needs of end-users without having to duplicate the model. We’ve continued our investment for data modelers here by adding increased flexibility and functionality such as duplicating perspectives, managing drill hierarchies, custom columns, and more! Check out the full documentation here.

Those are just three of many new features or enhancements part of our Winter 2024 release, check out the full scope of the release here. Additionally, this release contains more bug fixes and stability improvements than any release we’ve had prior. This is all part of our mission to deliver you the highest quality releases in 2024.

What’s next for Fusion?

In 2024, Fusion will shift to a quarterly release cycle. You may be asking yourself, “Why are they slowing down?” First and foremost, I want to be clear that Fusion has a very bright future ahead, we will continue to invest in the areas that will have the greatest impact on our customers. Reducing the number of releases affords us several advantages, all of which are to the advantage of our customers. We recognize that customers don’t necessarily want to upgrade every month - moving to quarterly allows us to deliver the same, if not better, quality content than we did before– but with less friction to our customer base. 

As for what will be delivered, we are finalizing the scope of our 2024 releases in the coming weeks and plan to have the key investments available to share in March. More than ever, it’s important that you voice your feedback in our Product Feedback Forum. This is a critical source of feedback, and we’re reviewing the top ideas each quarter to make sure we’re delivering on them. If you see ideas that would have a huge impact on your organization, please vote on it.

It is also important to note that Compose SDK follows a different release cycle than the core Fusion platform, you can expect updates to Compose SDK every two weeks.

Please reach out to your account representative if you have any questions about moving to our latest release of Fusion.


Want to learn more?

Join us for an exclusive virtual session, “Developing the future with Fusion & Compose SDK,” where innovation meets stability. Witness the future of Fusion Winter – the most stable version ever designed to power innovation. Fusion Winter + Compose SDK stands as a staple to fast, flexible, and dev-first approaches, enabling you to streamline your market entry while cutting costs. Register here

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It's a big day! Let's go!

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Sisense Team Member

Amazing! 🚀🚀

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Super Excited about the event!

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