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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Support Portal Update and Revisions Scheduled for Release May 17th

I am excited to let you know about the upcoming release of the latest, revised version of our case management portal. Our team has been working diligently to improve the user experience and functionality and correct issues based on feedback from our customers and partners.

These revisions will address the following core areas:

  • Case Management Controls(Reliably see/filter/create cases based on your account structure and related accounts and contacts)
  • Cleaner aesthetics/navigation/advanced search and filtering
  • Significant revisions to community user syncing with our CRM system

These changes will be live on Wednesday, May 17th, 2023, and require no action on your part.

Let’s take a look at some of the changes you can expect!

Case Management Controls:
The Case View sector has been enhanced to address issues for customers linked to multiple accounts and partners with direct and indirect accounts. It also adds a new option called “Cases where CC’d, " allowing you to view cases you were CC’d on, regardless of who originally created it. 



Additional functionality is also included in this update:

- Filter by date range for case created date
- Search by case number, subject, account, or case reporter.
- Filter by specific sub-account (for Partners)
- All of the columns within the case management are sortable

For Partners Only:
As a partner, you should now have all case management capabilities fully functional. These remain dependent on account structure, and if you encounter any issues with access to cases for direct or 

indirect customers, please contact your PSM for assistance.

- Direct Customer case management 
- Indirect Customer case management (for project-related accounts)
- CC case management (for when customers create case under their account and CC you)
- Search by account
- Filter by account

Cleaner layout/easier navigation/advanced search and filtering

The portal layout has a reasonably extensive redesign based on our feedback. While functionally, it remains much the same, and we trust you’ll find it more user-friendly. Some of the highlights of this new layout are…

- Improved navigation between pages
- Enhanced search with new filters
- All columns sortable
- Improved comment box and comment/threading (Comment box first, chronological threading by date)
- Improved error message

Community User Syncing:

Portal access relies on syncing your Community user profile with our CRM system. We’ve made extensive changes to how this works to eliminate problems experienced with portal access due to common issues with email addresses, duplicate records, etc. 

This also fixes problems for our customers or partners who may be associated with multiple accounts with the same email address. It is far easier to address any inconsistencies if they exist.

As this is more of a back-end change, there is nothing to demonstrate, but if you do encounter any issues with specific account access, please let us know.

Future changes:

We continue working on other features and functionality for the Support Portal to make managing cases easier. We hope to see these changes available in the weeks ahead.

As a focus for our next revision, we are working to reintroduce Rich Text editing and Inline Images capabilities across case comments and descriptions bi-directionally.

We sincerely appreciate your patience with these changes, and we are confident you’ll find this new experience much more accommodating. Feel free to contact our Support Team or your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to provide any feedback or encounter any issues.