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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Sisense Wants BARC, Can We Get You to Bite?

Do you love a David and Goliath story as much as we do?

Short and sweet; we have another opportunity to reach a wider audience with an anonymous, customer-centric survey (where, yes, you’ll be entered to win prizes!). 

This survey from BARC is international, does not accept vendor sponsorship, and gives a holistic, unbiased analysis of how different analytics tools are performing in the wild. 

We’re asking you, our biggest fans, to take 10-15 minutes to answer some questions about the difference Sisense is making in the Analytics Sphere. 

This is an opportunity for Sisense to make an appearance out of the shadow of some of the bigger names we can’t name who can use their bigger marketing budgets to influence reviews.

Your honest insight will help direct organizations looking for clear, honest reviews toward the software solution that actually fits their needs, not just the software that’s bought the most reviews. We want to see what impact we are actually making in the market, where we create solutions, and how we can offer help to companies looking to embed their analytics. 

We really hope you take the time to fill out this survey here. As always, it’s completely anonymous.