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You didn’t become a product developer to leave your dreams and visions half-realized. When it comes to building amazing apps, design matters. The Sisense data and analytics platform already gives you unparalleled flexibility when it comes to what you can do with your data as you embed insights into your product. Now, enhanced integration with two heavy-hitter Adobe Creative Cloud programs, XD and Photoshop takes your ability to create and deploy custom visuals to new heights.

Design reigns supreme

It’s not just enough for your app to employ data and analytics in interesting, compelling ways, it also needs to look great. App design (visual style, UI, UX, etc.) has undergone rapid evolution in the past decade. Consumers want a smooth, easy-to-navigate experience and they also want your app to look great. Plus, your friends in the marketing department want your app’s style to perfectly match your brand guidelines — especially when embedding third-party analytics like Sisense into your product.

Branding matters! Whether they are cognizant of this or not, your users know your brand. Your colors and font choices are integral to your brand’s conception in your audience’s mind. When deploying analytics and data elements into your product, you need to match your look and feel.

The right integrations allow you to take this further, blending your branding needs with custom visuals. Whether you want an interactive animated visual or a custom image to go in your dashboard, Adobe XD and Photoshop can help you create it. Adobe has set the industry standard for beautiful design and our integration empowers product teams to work with their design colleagues to turn beautiful concepts into functional reality.

Sisense + Adobe XD: Vibrant, versatile vectors

The Sisense data and analytics platform is built to differentiate the analytics/dashboards you’re providing to your end-users. Rebuilt from the ground up for cloud-native architecture, wherever your data lives and whatever insights you want to present to your users, you can do it with Sisense.

But what about custom vector visuals that go beyond the usual Sisense range of options? With the Sisense plugin for Adobe XD, if your designers can imagine it, you can implement it. Custom animated visuals, like this thermometer, add a dynamic element that will delight users and convey usable information in a compelling way:

Representing data in interesting, consumable ways gives users a faster, more engaging way to understand data. It also gives product developers like you a way to create more beautiful analytic apps and truly bring your wildest ideas to life. (Tech aficionados will appreciate that the plugin was rewritten from scratch using React and features SVG Export to control whether code is minified; read more here!)

Sisense + Photoshop: Beautiful, functional bitmaps

Photoshop is one of the most vital programs in the modern design world. Sisense and Adobe have taken our collaboration to the next level with the release of the Sisense plugin for Photoshop, which lets you put custom Photoshop visuals into your Sisense embedded analytics deployment.

Simply put, whatever you and your product team can dream up, you can have a designer with Photoshop skills put together. Then you bring your beautiful, functional imagery into Sisense. That’s right, you’re not just dressing up normal Sisense insights with fancy pictures; the Sisense plugin for Adobe Photoshop provides advanced automation to update graphics and text on dashboards in real-time. Changes to the content are controlled in Adobe Photoshop and automatically reflected on Sisense dashboards. Take a look at what customers can already do with it:


Breaking down silos; building better products

The unparalleled custom imagery you can now create inside your analytic apps with Sisense’s plugins for Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop is a game-changing leap forward for product teams and design teams alike.

For starters, it breaks down the imaginary walls between these two teams, allowing more people in the organization to build analytics, as designers can now easily create widgets that will live inside the embedded Sisense analytics. It also integrates designers into the process of creating analytics for end-users, instead of keeping them at a distance or using their skills piecemeal.

These plugins also remove friction when building analytics and dashboards: The diverse teams building your embedded analytics can share and collaborate on images, graphics, and the analytics functionality itself all during the same process. The result is a better product, faster!

Your users will love your new creations too. Creating fun, interactive designs is the perfect way to reduce chart/data overload. Again: Design reigns supreme! Users demand fun, easy-to-use, beautiful experiences. A better user experience also translates to increased stickiness and user satisfaction (and in the long run more revenue!).

The math is simple: (Sisense + Adobe) * (Builders + Designers) = better, more beautiful insights for all.

To install the Sisense plugin for Photoshop visit our listing on the Adobe marketplace and learn more about the steps to install here. To install the Sisense plugin for XD click on this link and read the Sisense support documentation here. Go forth and build boldly and beautifully!