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Simply Ask Sisense AI to Generate Personalized Insights!

Analytics have become a fundamental feature for modern-day applications.; the value they provide is essential for users to extract insights from their data that can drive actionable outcomes. As the market has evolved, so has the demand for analytics, particularly in the form of "self-service analytics." Sisense has grown alongside this market demand and collaborates with partners to deliver robust self-service capabilities, featuring dynamic data visualizations, AI-rich functionalities, and designer experiences for crafting custom dashboards. In many ways, Sisense offers an intuitive user experience that caters to a wide spectrum of users, from technical to non-technical individuals. However, organizations that aim to offer dashboard and report creation as a self-service feature often worry that their users might not be familiar enough with the underlying data to surface meaningful, personalized insights. 

This is where Sisense's powerful Natural Language Query (NLQ) feature, "SimplyAsk," comes into play. With Designer privileges, users can leverage SimplyAsk to create reports from scratch using only the business questions relevant to them. This experience is known in the AI market as "Generative Analytics," and it's a potent capability that can be integrated into your application today by embedding Sisense SimplyAsk. When activated, your customers can log in to your application, select a dataset, ask questions in natural language, choose visualization preferences, and add the results to their new report. They can also share their created reports and the insights they've gained with others.

So, how does SimplyAsk work?

Using plain language, you can ask complex questions and receive immediate visualizations with answers. The tool's auto-suggestions streamline query building through Sisense's unique Knowledge Graph—a resource that uncovers connections between system entities to provide comprehensive organizational insights. This leads to context-aware responses from the Sisense AI engine that resemble human-like interactions. Security remains a priority; users can access only authorized data, while universal suggestions enhance usability. By enabling SimplyAsk through Sisense's Admin tab, you can witness your queries transforming into actionable insights.

But how does SimplyAsk interpret my intentions?

The NLQ engine's Synonym Translation offers seamless query refinement. When you input a term that's not part of the data model, the engine's built-in English synonym dictionary, along with your data's terminology, automatically translates it into a relevant synonym found within the model (e.g., income/revenue, nation/country)-- this ensures precise results. Additionally, for terms not directly synonymous with the dictionary, you have the option to enhance accuracy by adding them as synonyms within the model.

By integrating SimplyAsk, organizations open doors to unprecedented user experiences—users can log in, pose questions in plain language, visualize answers, and craft custom reports to share with others. The foundation of SimplyAsk lies in its ability to comprehend nuanced queries and translate them into visualizations, backed by Sisense's exclusive Knowledge Graph. Activating SimplyAsk unleashes a transformation, where queries evolve into actionable insights, propelling your analytics experience into the future!

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