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12 - Data Integration
12 - Data Integration

Say hello to our Sisense Community BETA pup, Scout! 

Sisense Yellow Data Pup (2).png

Scout is our community’s loyal companion. As you scout for answers, our community puppy will be by your side. 

Scout represents everything about our Sisense culture, and what we want your community experience to be like. Our pup will join you in your community journey, and will also ensure that your experience is reflective of Sisense’s company values at all times: 

  • We are Authentic 
  • We are Inclusive
  • We are Caring
  • We are Customer Obsessed 
  • We are Challengers 

Like most dogs, Scout loves a good challenge and earning rewards. 

As part of your community experience, you will have the opportunity to earn both ranks and badges through your community participation. 

What are ranks? 

Join Scout on a data journey! 

Your current rank appears under your username. A new rank is earned by frequently participating in the community in various ways. 

Updating your profile, giving and receiving kudos, starting and replying to discussions, and more, all contribute to your rank. The more you do, the higher you will rise in the ranks. 

Each rank in Sisense Community symbolizes a stop on your data journey:


1- New Member1- New Member 2 - Generate Data2 - Generate Data 3 - Structured Data3 - Structured Data 4 - Unstructured Data4 - Unstructured Data 5 - Unstructured Data5 - Unstructured Data
6 - Journey Essentials6 - Journey Essentials 7 - Data Storage7 - Data Storage 8 - Cloud Apps8 - Cloud Apps 9 - Travel Pro9 - Travel Pro 10 - ETL10 - ETL
11 - Data Pipeline11 - Data Pipeline 12 - Data Integration12 - Data Integration 13 - Data Warehouse13 - Data Warehouse 14 - Journey Photographer14 - Journey Photographer 15 - Aggregate Data15 - Aggregate Data
16 - Data Lake16 - Data Lake 17 - Journey Map17 - Journey Map 18 - Data Modeling18 - Data Modeling 19 - Machine Learning19 - Machine Learning 20 - NLQ & NLP20 - NLQ & NLP
21 - Augmented Analytics21 - Augmented Analytics 22 - Frequent Flier22 - Frequent Flier 23 - Data Visualization23 - Data Visualization 24 - Embed24 - Embed 25 - Data Adventurer25 - Data Adventurer


What are badges? 

Badges can be found on your profile.

They are awarded based on a set of participation criteria that can be found by hovering over the badges when you open your badge list page

While this page displays MOST badges, we do offer exclusive and one-of-a-kind badges that will be announced as they are available. 

This includes our challenge badges that are uniquely designed for each new challenge. 


Do you have a question about ranks or badges or need community-related support? 

Check out our Community FAQs page or do not hesitate to reach out directly to me at [email protected]