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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Sisense is on a mission to infuse actionable intelligence everywhere and to drive data-driven decisions. To do so, we’re continuing to deliver a solution that helps everyone, from the technical data engineer to the business-focused end user, orchestrate, visualize and interpret their data, all within the same platform. 


Included in our January release are a number of new features and improvements to the Sisense Fusion platform on Linux that drives this mission forward. With developments such as improved white label control, data model - list view, advanced preview limit query and more, Sisense continues to uplevel analytics at your organization, ensuring that you retain complete end-to-end control over your data and visualizations.  

Q1 2022

January release: L2022.1

Release notes

Sisense Fusion 2022.1 provides several new features and significant improvements to the Sisense Fusion platform for Linux.

Key Highlights: 

Self-Service Data Modeling

Data Model - List View

To provide admins with an improved user experience, we’ve changed the UI of the Data tab within the Sisense platform, moving from a tile view to a list view. With a list view, we can better support scale with multiple data models, reducing the incidence of load issues. 

Additionally, admins previously needed to jump between the Data and Admin tab to view information about the data model. With list view, within the Data tab you now have: 

  • Enhanced sorting and search
  • Linked quick filters and column filters where changing one affects the other
  • Additional information by hovering over the data model 

Note: this enhancement is for Linux only. 

Advanced Preview Query Limit

At Sisense, we’re innovating new ways to support the code-driven analyst so that they have the tools to conduct complex analysis efficiently. With the Advanced Preview Query Editor, they can add a custom limit operator when the automatic process fails, reducing the incidences of timeout errors. A data modeler using complex SQL to import data from a source can test the query results using Sisense’s advanced editor to:

  • Build Sample Data
  • Preview live queries

Note: this feature is for Linux, Elasticube models and Analytical Engine only

Advanced Analytics & Exploration


Sisense’s Explanations identifies the most probable key drivers for a given change in a time series, and ranks these according to their impact. It’s a powerful way to better understand your business, and if necessary, determine actions to course correct. In previous versions, explanations’ Knowledge Graph recommendations relied on only past usage (the dimensions being queries with the explained measure), leading to limited suggestions for users with little usage history. With this January update, Knowledge Graph will now use the whole data model as a source of possible explanations, enabling you to get more actionable explanations for trends in your data even with limited past usage. 

Admin Experience Updates

Data Security

Controlling data security should be easy and intuitive. That’s why, you can now access the Data Security page directly from a data model in the Data tab, as well as from Data Models in the Admin tab. 

Cloud Flexibility & Scale

To improve system performance and restorability, we’ve added the ability to cancel a backup once it has started. This provides admins with more flexibility and control over how they maintain their Sisense instance. 

Improved White-Label Control Through the Admin Page

With Sisense Fusion, Sisense aims to deliver robust embedded analytics exactly where and when your customers need it, and ensure that your products have a consistent look and feel to suit your brand. That’s why we want to make it faster, easier and more intuitive for admins to configure white-labeling values within Sisense. Within a new and easier-to-navigate UI, you can now control more white-label configurations such as email, user menu and analytics & data, in addition to the existing logos, marketing banner and powered by Sisense options, within the one tab. 

Developer Experience 

Web-Access Token - REST API and Sisense.js

Sisense keeps data and user security top of mind when developing and delivering product improvements that move your data analytics experience forward, and at scale. We have continued to build upon the previously released web access token (WAT) feature with REST API WAT configuration commands. Using a RESTful web API you can now programmatically:

  • generate new token configurations
  • fetch token configuration data of Web-Access tokens (getOne or getMany token configurations)
  • manage token configurations, including updates and configuration deletion

The complete list of REST API v1.0 Reference commands is available here.

With this release, you can also access analytical content embedded via Sisense.js, based on the WAT authentication method. 

Also, watch this video from our training team, demonstrating how to use the new features: [Sisense January 2022 Release Training Video on  selected features.]