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Community Team Member
Community Team Member

New year, Same End Goal!

From the Sisense Community team, we want to wish our community members a Happy 2024! We are thrilled to embark on another year together in this collaborative community that we are continually shaping to better serve Sisense users.

As we step into the new year, let's reaffirm our ultimate objective: to unite our customers for collaboration and idea exchange. The community also aspires to serve as a valuable and comprehensive self-service hub, enabling customers to easily find solutions to challenges and discover ways to optimize their Sisense experience.

How can we reach these goals?
Firstly, we urge all members to be actively engaged! A thriving community relies on our collective support, involvement, and meaningful interactions. Let's dive in, leave comments, initiate discussions, and forge connections!

Another impactful way is to share your stories! Many of our users are familiar with our ongoing quest to collect your experiences, stories, and use cases. These contributions can be incredibly potent and beneficial for fellow Sisense users.

Furthermore, we seek your assistance! Our internal experts diligently craft knowledge-based articles to serve as troubleshooting tools, aiming to reduce the need for support tickets. 

What do you want to learn more about? 
Which topics would be valuable for Sisense users to read about from our experts? Please share your thoughts in the comments on any topics, articles, or guides you may be on the lookout for, this will enable us to curate the most pertinent information for our community! 

Last thoughts…
We have launched a survey for our members that will be incredibly useful for us this year! And bonus points,  we are going to give out gift cards to 3 people who complete the survey! Who doesn’t like getting free money for their thoughts?!