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Community Team Member

In this release, we will dive into this month’s improvements including install with dynamic users, further improvements to Sisense’s no-code widget editor, the introduction of a new live data connector, and most exciting, Git Integration!   

Below is a brief explanation of 4 selected features from the October release:

  1. For on-prem customers, install with dynamic user will increase flexibility and security for users by allowing users to install Sisense using a user ID other than user ID 1000
  2. Super exciting! All Linux customers will now have Git integration! This will allow designers, developers, and admins source control of Sisense Dashboards and data models.
  3. Last month, Sisense introduced improvements to the no-code widget editor, and this month Sisense continues that trend by allowing users to edit headers and blox snippets using the no-code widget editor. 
  4. Lastly, Sisense is introducing a new live data connector–AWS Athena powered by the Analytical Engine. 


For more information on how each feature in the October release is implemented, check out the 2-minute video below:

We hope these updates and features make your work with Sisense faster and more efficient. 


To dive deeper into the Sisense product, please visit the Sisense LMS*. To create an account in Sisense’s LMS please contact your CSM to get the process started. 

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