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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Harnessing the Power of Compose SDK: A Hackathon Journey

As the Senior Director of Field Engineering Services at Sisense, I am continually exploring ways to leverage our technologies to bridge the gap between data and actionable insights. The recent internal hackathon provided an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into the capabilities of our new Compose SDK—a TypeScript React library designed for seamless embedding of Sisense chart components into React applications.

This year's Hackathon Theme was to explore innovative ways to utilize the Compose SDK, and my team rose to the challenge with a unique project idea: a Google Chrome Plugin that augments the browsing experience by highlighting NFL player names on any visited URL. Hovering over a highlighted name triggers a pop-up card displaying the statistics of the player, with all data served and visualized by Sisense.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 9.08.45 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 9.08.54 AM.png

The journey began with a brainstorming session where we outlined the functionality. of the plugin, as well as the user interaction flow. Our primary objective was to demonstrate the real-time data retrieval and visualization prowess of the Compose SDK in a user-friendly manner.

We employed the useExecuteQuery() method from the SDK to fetch player statistics from Sisense. This method proved to be incredibly powerful and reliable for real-time data retrieval. It allowed us to design a seamless user interaction where data is fetched and displayed dynamically as users browse through different web pages.

Furthermore, we utilized the Chart component from the Compose SDK to create a visually appealing bar chart showcasing various player statistics. The integration was smooth and the Chart component provided a plethora of customization options that allowed us to align the visualization perfectly with our plugin’s aesthetics.

Throughout the hackathon, the flexibility and robustness of the Compose SDK were remarkable. Its well-designed API and component library made it possible to focus on the creative aspect of our project, rather than getting bogged down with technical hurdles.

The hackathon culminated in a successful demonstration of our plugin, showcasing the potential of the Compose SDK to enhance user experiences with real-time, data-driven insights. The feedback from our peers was overwhelmingly positive, further fueling our motivation to explore more innovative ways to utilize Sisense technologies in future projects.

This hands-on experience with the Compose SDK has not only enriched my understanding of its capabilities but also ignited a spark of inspiration among my team to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Sisense. The success of our project underscores the immense potential that lies in creatively leveraging the Compose SDK to bridge the digital realm with actionable, data-driven insights.