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Sisense application contains many different things that depend on each other, so they should be back up.
Here we described the most common risks for Sisense instance if it is working without scheduled backup
1: Upgrade risks:
  • Custom plugins: after upgrading, your custom plugins can break your system or stop working because they were created for the previous version and could be incompatible with the new one cause some front or back logic can be changed in the latest version.
  • Custom scripts: As usual, scripts related to widgets and dashboard can also be broken due to changes in front or back logic in the new version.
  • Third-party connectors should also be checked and can include the following things due to upgrade:
Planned changes in native connectors( like changing type of connections, data modeling, etc.)
2: Bellow is described everyday risks which you can face and which can be restored from backup:
  • If the dashboard owner is deleted, you can lose your dashboards
  • If you have changed the data model, it can crash cube, and you will lose your data
  • If you have tested a custom plugin, it can corrupt your dashboards, cubes, and widgets to make them unusable
  • Hardware crashes. 
  • Suddenly deleted cubes and dashboard can be restored from backup
3: Migration between Sisense platforms risks.
  • In case if you need to migrate your Sisense to another platform, it can crash your data during the migration process.

To sum up, we can tell that daily backup can guarantee that you don't lose any information and your system can be quickly restored in case if it's was broken.
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