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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
Sisense is used to empower everyone in the organization, regardless of skill level, to infuse analytics right where they need it to deliver better business decisions. Extend the impact to your customers by infusing analytic experiences into your products. That's why our developers work each day to improve our product. 
What are the advantages of keeping the version up to date:
1. In any update, we try to implement new features which will help you to improve your analytics.
2. We are fixing issues if they were found in previous versions and improving our product on the code level.
3. We improve security and implement new logic of simple things that can help you work faster and easier.
Being on the latest Sisense version means being on the same page with the best technologies that you can use and implement with Sisense.
It means to be safe from security vulnerabilities. It means to be faster and better.
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‎03-02-2023 09:49 AM
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