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Venn Diagram

Dynamic Venn diagram on your dashboard!
Download Now! Venn V1


Venn data structure sample:
Dim table: 

Values table: Fruit,Bread,Dairy,Kitchen
  1. Put the Venn folder into sisense’s plugins folder
  2. Load the sample data
  3. Create a dimensional table to hold the unique values
  4. Connect the dimensional table to the values table
  5. Create a new widget and select the Venn diagram
  6. Add: dimensions(as the dimensional table created), target dimensions(the tags dimension), value
  7. Save widget
Known limitations:
  • Works with up to 5 dimensions(tags selected in filter)
  • Number of tags selected will affect number of filters applied
  • Some areas may not be displayed due to rendering limitations
  • Number of selected tags will affect load time, multiple queries are required for this widget
Hope this helps with some of your requests!
This is a complex plugin and may still have issues, may not work for all cases,
please contact me in case of an issue or ideas for improvements!
Ben Richie Sadan
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‎03-02-2023 09:18 AM
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