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Community Team Member
When trying to connect to a fixed length file you will need to go through a few steps to bring it into the ElastiCube.
2. After installing, Create a System DSN in the ODBC Data Sources using the Microsoft Access Text Driver that you just installed.
3. After creating the New Data Source, give the connection a Name and select the directory where the files reside.   
4. Next Click on Define Format.  Select the file, set Format as Fixed Length and begin adding the fields on the right hand side.  After inputting the Data Type, Name and  width, click add.   You'll need to do that for each field defined in the file.
 In the below example, I've added three fields.
5. After defining the fields, Go into ElastiCube Manager.  When adding data, select Generic ODBC Driver and the new System DSN created above.  
Included are two attachments that you can use as sample data and as a guide to what was built here.
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