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Sisense Team Member

Unexpected Behavior When Trying to Share a Dashboard

Sometimes you can face unexpected behaviors of the system when a dashboard is rendering data,l but you as owner are not able to republish it with other users.

Case #1




If this dashboard was imported from another environment please point it to different Data Model and then re-point to the original one back. Check the behavior then.

If you still face the same issue please capture .har file during reproduction, and open a new case for support with the relevant screenshots and recorded .har file.

Case #2

In case you are trying to share a dashboard, but the list of users/groups is not loading please make sure that:

  1. Limit Users Sharing option is disabled in the system configuration:
2. LimitSharesAutocomplete Plugin is disabled (in some cases it has to be even deleted):



If you still face this issue, please open a new case to Support and provide detailed description as well as screenshot of current configuration and recorded .har file.

In this article we have considered 2 cases users can face while trying to share a dashboard.

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