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We've found here at Sisense that it's often very helpful to have the default dashboard on a site include a table of contents for even quicker navigation to key dashboards, or even a table of hyperlinks to offer a smooth transition between Sisense for Cloud Data Teams dashboards to outside tools, like google docs or Salesforce pages. This can be done by using the labeled hyperlinks available in table charts (see the bottom of this page for syntax). 

The manual way to create a table of links is simply to select the strings and union them together:
select '[Instagram](' as "Periscope Pages"
select '[Twitter]('
select '[YouTube]('
select '[Facebook]('
This gives us a nice table of hyperlinks to those Periscope Pages: 
(This uses the table settings "Hide Table Line Numbers", "Remove Borders", "Align Table-Center", and centered column alignment)

You can also use IDs or full URLs from within your data to build the hyperlinks. For sites with Usage Data, you can create Tables of Contents that link to dashboards on the site using the URLs and Dashboards tables as I've shown in the below query. I've also included an example line below that builds a hyperlink to a Salesforce account page using the account ID and name (from our Salesforce Account table).
  '[' || || '](' || u.url || ')' as Dashboards
-- '[' || name || '](' || id || ')' as Salesforce_Account
  periscope_usage_data.urls u
  join periscope_usage_data.dashboards d on
    u.item_id =
You can add a where clause to the above to pare down or break up the list as needed. Additionally, these queries can be used with filters just like other queries, so you can provide a list of hyperlinks for your clients that can change with a client filter, for example. What does your default dashboard include? How else have you used the hyperlink feature?

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