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Community Team Member
In some cases user would like to change the source of all dashboards that are using one source to a different source. This can be a time consuming process if you have multiple dashboards.
Instead of changing one dashboard at a time, there's a way to do so all at once.
  • Open your Admin page and go to the REST API section
  • In V1 go to Admin > POST /dashboards/{server}/{title}/replace_datasource
  • In Server enter the name the name of the server *If you are using localhost - Enter LocalHost with uppercase "L" and "H"
  • Title Enter the name of the old data source name.
  • In Datasource it can be a bit tricky, what I will recommend is switching one dashboard manually to the new data source and exporting it to a .dash file > Open the dash file using notepad and copy the data-source section: It should look something like this
 "title": "Sample ECommerce",
 "address": "LocalHost",
 "database": "aSampleIAAaECommerce"
Press Run
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