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Community Team Member
This project was generated with create-react-app version 1.5.2.  The goal is to show a basic integration of Sisense.js using ReactJS. When you load the application, it makes some API calls to fetch all Sisense dashboards whose title are prefixed with Sample and adds option to the dropdown list.  Upon selection of a dashboard (uses the first result as default), the application loads the widgets from that dashboard onto the page.  For simplicity, certain widget types are excluded from display (textbox and indicator widgets)
The application gets most of the widgets for a given dashboard and displays them on the page.  The end user can click to download each widget, as either an image or CSV
Please note you need to be integrated with SSO or WAT in order to be able to implement Sisense.js embedding.  If you have not done so already, please refer to documentation regarding how to onboard SSO or WAT, and how to integrate that with embedding.
In order to setup this application for your Sisense server, check out the configuration file at /src/config/sisense.js.  This file contains some settings, such as the dashboard title prefix, your Sisense server's address, etc that you may want to update before running.
Development server
Run npm start to build and run the application, then navigate to http://localhost:3000/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.
Production server
Run npm run build to generate a production build out of the application.  Once built, you can deploy the web app to a web server, as per Instructions from React
Further help
To get more help on create-react-app for ReactJS check out their Github Repository.
For more help with Sisense.js, check out the Sisense documentation here.
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