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Sisense plugin for Adobe Photoshop

The plugin helps customers to build beautiful widgets using the powerful graphic tools from Adobe in a zero code environment. This guide will explain step by step how to install and use the plugin.
Video instructions to setup the plugin here.
1 - Click here to install the plugin.
2 - After you downloaded and installed the plugin from the marketplace you will find your plugin under the Plugins Menu.
3 - Open an existing image:

4 - Once you finish working on your image save it in your hard drive or use Adobe Cloud Storage:
5 - Then go to the Sisense Adobe Plugin, you can find it in the plugins menu.
6 - Once you click on it, you will see the plugin window:
7 - Fill the inputs with your Sisense credentials and press login button, you will get a green success message if everything went well, and a red error if not.
8 - Once you are logged in, you will also see a new link called: Go To Dashboard that we will use later on.
9 - Upload the desired image clicking on the upload button and selecting an image from your drive or Adobe Cloud Storage.
10 - Once your image is successfully uploaded you will get a successful notification or an error. If successful the metadata will be copied to your clipboard.
11 - To open Sisense, click on the "Go to Dashboard" link on the bottom right corner.
12 - Once you are in Sisense go to your dashboard and go to your widget.
13 - Go to the Blox editor and select the whole template that lay in there, then just paste it.
14 - You will see your image inside the widget, to change the data inside just replace the name of the data to the word data like this:
15 - To get those results inside the Dashboard:
16 - To change the text of the label just replace the text inside the Blox editor

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