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Sisense Compose SDK

The Future is Composable
In the fast-paced world of data-driven applications, developers are constantly seeking innovative ways to create customized data products that seamlessly integrate into their projects. Sisense has stepped up to the challenge with its groundbreaking Compose SDK, which has fundamentally changed the game. This powerful toolkit empowers developers to harness the full potential of Sisense components, enabling them to craft data products that are not only highly customized but also perfectly tailored to their applications. 

Traditionally, the embedded analytics market constrained developers within the boundaries of their chosen tools. However, Compose SDK breaks free from this limitation. Instead of merely embedding a third-party tool, developers now have the freedom to build bespoke data products by selecting from a rich library of Sisense components and seamlessly integrating them with a wide range of other tools within their Integrated Development Environment (IDE). 

A Practical Example 
In the world of UI design, consistency is key. Imagine your company has chosen the Material UI framework to style your application. It provides a sleek and uniform look, but now you need to populate Material UI tables with dynamic data from Sisense.

Enter Compose SDK. With it, you can seamlessly merge Material UI's aesthetics with Sisense's analytical power. Start with Material UI tables that align perfectly with your design guidelines. Then, using the Compose SDK's ExecuteQuery component, you effortlessly infuse these tables with real-time data from Sisense.   


Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 3.16.04 PM.png


The result? Stunning, data-rich components that not only adhere to your design principles but also deliver invaluable insights. Your users get the best of both worlds - visually appealing design and powerful data.

Get Started with Compose SDK 
Excited to explore the potential of the Compose SDK? Good news - it's currently in Beta and available to all Sisense partners, ready for you to harness its capabilities today. To embark on your journey, you can begin by cloning the example repository from GitHub listed below. To install the necessary packages for your sample application, follow the user-friendly Compose SDK Quickstart Guide. Keep in mind that, for the time being, these packages are accessible on GitHub, requiring a personal access token for access. 

In conclusion, Sisense's Compose SDK represents a revolutionary leap forward in the world of data product development. It empowers developers to break free from the constraints of traditional embedded analytics and build highly customized, seamlessly integrated data products. With the Compose SDK, the possibilities are limitless, and the power to transform your applications lies at your fingertips.

So, why wait? Dive into the world of Compose SDK, unleash your creativity, and revolutionize your data products today. Your applications will thank you for it! 

Credit: Sample Application initially developed by Sisense Senior Director of Field Engineering: Tom Linton 

Compose SDK -- Material UI Example 
Sisense Quick Start Guide 
Sisense Github

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