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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
Question: Is it possible to query for dashboards of a specific user?
Answer: the right direction is with the /admin endpoint.
You can use it to get the primary instances of all dashboards owned by a specific user by their username/email: For example:
A breakdown of the query parameters used:
  • "ownershipType=allRoot" means search all dashboards in the system, even those I (the current logged in user/owner of the token) have no access to
  • "dashboardType=owner" means only get the "owner instance" of each dashboard (we don't need the viewer clones)
  • "ownerInfo=true" isn't really required but it makes the response objects contain full owner info including an email so i can easily validate the results and filter out any incorrect ones, without having to do another call to /users
  • "" which unencoded is "owner: [email protected]". this is a free-text search that supports this specific search by username
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