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When would I use this plugin?
If there's a need to copy files from a remote server to the Sisense server before a build begins and delete them after the build is completed to save disk space. Useful for CSV and Excel files.
Setting up the plugins:
1) Launch Services, find the ElastiCubeManagement service and stop it. Do this when there are no builds occurring at the time.

2) Right click on the ElastiCubeManagement service and click on Properties.

3) Navigate to the Log On tab and change the Log on as: option to This account and proceed to enter your domain and username with the credentials as seen in this screenshot:
4) Download the attached dlls and copy them into C:\Program Files\Sisense\Prism\Server\Plugins

5) Start the ElastiCubeManagement service.

6) Launch the cube that loads the data source using the ElastiCube Manager and click on ElastiCube > Pre & Post Execution Plugins.

7) Add a new Pre Execution Plugin named CopyFilesPlugin (IMPORTANT - the name has to be identical to the plugin filename). 
😎 Click on the little script icon and insert the following XML-formatted text inside:

Change the fromDir and toDir values to the directories you will be copying from and into. Please use the UNC path convention.

9) Add a new Post Execuition Plugin named PostBuildDeleteFiles
10) Click on the little script icon and insert the following XML-formatted text inside:

Change the directory value to the directory you will be deleting files from. Please use the UNC path convention.
Download Link:
Sisense pre build plugin to copy files from one path to another - 
Sisense post build plugin to delete all files to free up space - 
Community Team Member
Community Team Member

Archived. This plugin is not supported by Sisense and the download link is dead.

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