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Community Team Member
Question: When trying to connect to Google Adwords via the Elasticube Manager, you may run into the issue of not getting any email accounts you can choose from, or receiving an error saying there is no email account.
Follow the below instructions to fix this issue:
1.) Open this link and create a Manager Account using a new email (or you can use an existing email).
For details about the Manager Account, see here:
2.) Go to your new Manager Account and click Account -> Link existing account.
3) Type in your existing Account ID and click “Continue”.
4) Insert your account name (it can be anything you want, and you can change it later) and click “Request Approval” to send a request.
5) Go to your existing account and open Account Settings.
6) Under the Account Access tab, you must accept the request from your manager account.
In your manager account it will look like this:
7) Now connect to your account from Sisense (using the same credentials that you used before). You will see something like this:
Now you can work with your account data in Sisense.
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