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NY Times Top Stories Overview
The New York Times provides an API to retrieve a list of Top Stories and associated images by section (such Home, World, National, Politics, etc.).Sisense provides the New York Times connector as a standalone connector that you can download and add to your list of default Sisense connectors.
To install the NY Times Connector:
  1. Download the NY Times configuration files.
  2. Extract the NY Time configuration files to the following folder:
    ...\Program Files\Sisense\DataConnectors\DotNetContainer\Connectors
  3. Copy .Net Container DLL file from C:\Program Files\Sisense\DataConnectors\DotNetContainer\Rest to the REST.NYTimes.Connector folder
Connecting to NY Times API
To access the NY times REST API from Sisense, you must obtain an API key from the following link . After you receive the API key, just simply paste it in the Config.json file located in the REST.NYTimes.Connector folder as highlighted below:
Adding NY Times Tables to your ElastiCube
Save the files and now you are ready to connect to NY Time and add tables to your ElastiCube.
To add NY Time Table:
  1. In ElastiCube Manager, click Add Data and then, NYTimes. The Add Tables to NYTimes window is displayed.
2. Select only the table where a Schema Name is displayed. In the above example we will select the following tables: Top Stories (Home).Top Stories (Home)_results, and Top Stories (Home).Top Stories (Home)_results_multimedia
  1. The connector only has support for xxx_results and xxx_results_multimedia table sets
  2. The connector only implements the following sections: Home and World. Support for additional sections can be added by modifying the config.json file as per the documentation found on the NY Time developer website
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